The Grit


(and other bits .... of local verse)




The Grit .... The Grit is the name given to the community that was situated in the north of Lowestoft below the lighthouse. It comprised of several streets of houses together with shops and Public Houses. It was demolished in the 1960’s. Sometimes known as the Beach Village. 

The Sparrows Nest .... An area of Lowestoft, again below the lighthouse, which was where the crews for Minesweepers were trained. There is now a monument to those members of the Royal Navy Patrol Service who lost their lives. There is also a small museum and a flourishing cafe. 

If I Stand .... Ness Point is the most easterly place in the United Kingdom. An imagined wait while watching history unfold! 

The Wave .... The author is often on Lowestoft’s spacious beach. Here is one encounter! 

The Waller’s Raid .... This is what the worst bombing raid in Lowestoft’s history is known as due to the fact that Waller’s Restaurant and Bakery bore the brunt of the damage. 

First Light at Ness Point .... An occasional early morning delight! 

Sir Morton Peto .... A brief look at the life of an extraordinary man. 

Before Barnby .... A local legend set in part where St John the Baptist’s Church, Barnby, Suffolk now stands just off the A146. 

The Barnby Giant .... A true event featuring a real person, buried in Barnby Churchyard. 

A Wherry Nice Day .... Inspired by a day out on the Albion, a restored Wherry Boat, with a group of friends. This can be hired just look up The Albion website! 

This Hall .... Once Barnby Village Hall and sometime Methodist Chapel now being put to a new use. 

Our Town .... Lowestoft, as with many seaside towns in the United Kingdom, is having to change with changing times. Anguish Street was in the area know as The Grit. 

The Ferini Art Gallery .... An always interesting and successful Art Gallery in Pakefield, to the south of Lowestoft. Well worth a visit!