You Say You Don't Like Jazz




You Say You Don’t Like Jazz:- Some thoughts about how this music collectively called Jazz has been a huge influence on, and often the basis of, all sorts of music. Where the word comes fromis still in dispute by etymologists but probably evolved from the word jasm, which sort of means excess energy.

The Boy From Tupelo:- A brief history of Elvis Presley in everyday verse form.

An Evening With Jimmy:- A concert given by songwriter Jimmy Webb in St Mary’s Church as part of the Rye Jazz Festival in East Sussex, UK. Ian Shaw opened the proceedings.

Rick Wakeman Plays :- A solo concert on his favourite piano at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK.

The 2i’s:- A Coffee Bar in Old Compton Street, Soho, London in the 1950’/60’s. The tiny cellar became the first step to fame for quite a few British Pop Stars. At the time of going to press it is now a fish and chip shop.

And Sometimes:- Written while he was still alive, a song he might have sung. How many songs are referenced? I make it 18!

I Opened For Satchmo:- An imaginary singer in an imaginary situation.

Bobby.... Who Always Dazzled:- Bobby Darin. In the author’s view the best all round entertainer of all time. About 22 songs referred to. For the last few years of his life he had to dash off stage, mid act, to replenish his oxygen from a cylinder because of his ongoing heart condition.

I Remember:- Again an imagined situation.

The British Blues:- A potted history of its origins.

N.K.C.:- The impeccable Nat King Cole.

L.C.:- The wonderful Leonard Cohen, a bit of a Marmite performer though.

Covent Garden:- A partly imagined story set in a lower courtyard in Covent Garden, London.

A Quiet Song:- Just a poem.

Cool Blue:- Every first Sunday lunchtime in The Butchers Arms, Beccles, Suffolk, UK.

The Singer or the Song?:- An often asked question.

Haiku @ Ronnie Scott’s:- On Valentines Day 2021 (during a National lockdown) there was a love themed Haiku competition at Ronnie’s Scott’s Jazz Club in London. This poem was not entered but prompted the idea. While his sons Darius, Chris and Dan have played there, Dave Brubeck himself did not.