Not Really A Skill


Another collection of random poems under the heading Not Really A Skill which is the view of the author.




What is a Poem? - That enduring question. What ever does it for you really.

The Lady and the Weasel - An imagined rural art class.

Heidi the Hedgehog - A salutary lesson.

A Life of Adverbs - An exercise in poetry writing.

Meanwhile ... in the Silent Movie - Remembering how movies used to be. Louise Brooks and Clara Beau were silent movie stars.

A Throw of Potters - A group of potters selling their wares at Walberswick in Suffolk, England.

A Game in the Galleries - A fun thing to do even if you like visiting galleries. The illustration is part of a picture painted by Josef Von Arbesser, 1850-1928, the illustrator’s great-grandfather.

Haiku - Just a few haikus, they are fun to do. The O. Henry one is a reference to a short story by him.

Laughter - A hopeful observation.

The Plant - A true story. Be careful when buying plants!

Take me There - Another exercise.

Night time on the Ward - As said in the sub text.

A Wedding - Not an actual wedding. Certainly not the one in the illustration! And certainly not one attended by the author or the illustrator!

Just a Game - A reminder.

I Thought - Haven’t most people experienced this.

The front cover is not a picture of an actual bookcase but a wall hanging created by the illustrator.

The rear cover is copy of a painting of the wedding of the illustrator and the author.