Australia (bigger than the Isle of Wight)




Australia (bigger than the Isle of Wight):- Just an observation. 

The Stuart Highway 1975:- After Cyclone Tracy, Christmas 1974, the author the illustrator and two friends ferried 4 cars and a trailer to Sydney. January 1st was the last day to leave and get official help on the way. 

The Red Back:- one version of how the poisonous spider got a red mark on its back. 

Jill and Joey:- There have been reports of kangaroos in the wild in Austria. Perhaps this is how they got there! 

Them and Us:- A celebration of the ability of the Aborigines to live for thousands of years in the harsh Outback. 

A Quintessential Australian Poem:- A potted history of Australia. Every line has five syllables. 

The Kurdaitcha Man:- As it happened really. The author was the Funeral Man! 

No Need:- The author’s thoughts. 

The Fishing Trip:- Again more or less as it happened. The author was one of the Poms. 

I Never Knew:- As related. 

I. O. W.:- with apologies to the Isle of Wight. Variations on an often used theme.