Christmas Isn't Always


  • Christmas Isn’t - While Christmas is not for everyone, and does not always go to plan, it can be a special time! 
  • Come Show Me Your Christmas - An observation that Christmas occurs in many different places around the world.
  • Christmas in Isfahan - Remembering a Christmas while travelling in Iran in 1970.
  • A Visitor at the Service - A partly imagined event at St Botolph’s Church, North Cove, Suffolk, UK.
  • The Barnby Giant’s Christmas - An account of a true event in Barnby, Suffolk, UK.  Amos Beamish is buried in St John the Baptist’s Churchyard, Barnby.
  • Christmas Eve at Home - A typical Christmas Eve at the Lake family’s house.
  • A Christmas Service - Again, a partly imagined midnight Carol Service at North Cove Church.
  • Christmas in Bahrain - An imagined Christmas! Some people go to great lengths to escape Christmas, for all sorts of reasons.
  • Tracy.. Darwin..Christmas.. 74 - A true event experienced by the illustrator and the author!
  • Happy Christmas - Another imagined Christmas.
  • The Christmas after Christmas - Again, an imagined Christmas, but not unfortunately beyond the bounds of possibility.
  • Sing a Song - Childhood memories.