A While with the Waveney ... (and not far away) ...


a booklet of everyday poems



A While With The Waveney - The Waveney is the river that separates the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. This is a walk from the riverbank at North Cove in Suffolk to North Cove Nature Reserve.

A Village - This is about North Cove, but could be about hundreds of other villages in the United Kingdom.

The Fete - A montage of many fetes held in North Cove over many years. This one includes names of people, past and present, from the villages of North Cove and Barnby. Sir Winston Churchill did once open a fete held in the grounds of North Cove Hall. The rest is poetic licence.

Monday Nights at the Pub - in memory of many such nights.

I Must - A reworking of Sea Fever by John Masefield (one of the authors favourite poems).

There Are Hills in Suffolk - well there are!

The Man From Mutford - Sir Stanley Rous CBE

Next door - Time to be a NIMBY!

The Ghost of the Bends - Mixture of local legend, an experience immediately related to the author and a little imagination.

Barnby Cove Poppies - we all see the names listed on the tens of thousands of War Memorials in the United Kingdom but few are actually known to us as people.  These are those on the stone Memorial at Barnby and the wooden memorial in St Botolph’s Church in North Cove.

February - Some thoughts of the month in which this booklet was first published in 2021.