Not Another Bloody Poem




Some Words: How poetry seems to happen....and the reaction to new verse from family and friends. 

The King’s New Odes: Inspired a little by the Hans Christian Anderson masterpiece of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Not everyone understands Free Verse! 

Poets: Just a personal view. 

Albatross: Possible lyrics to a timeless classic. 

When All Is Donne: A small tribute to a special poet. 

Autumn Is: Thoughts of autumn and remembering summer days as winter approaches. 

All Advantageous Additions: A sort of Acrostic Poem, usually written with the first letters spelling out a word. 

And All That’s Jazz: Some thoughts of a few feelings Jazz may invoke. Ancient Oaks refers to New Orleans, which has many of them as well as often being credited as the ‘birth place’ of Jazz. The picture includes the illustrator on alto sax and the author on drums. 

A Certain Silence: Three moments of that precious thing. 

Round About: Often large roundabouts have their own microcosm of the world. This one imagined by the author. 

I Am Today: We are all, for better or for worse, a sum of our parts. 

I Met A: A bit of a play on a form of poetry, metaphysical. 

The Hares: Inspired by a story related by a friend.

A Musical Moment: Another inspired by a friend’s experience. Apologies to any guitar buffs in the illustration. 

If This Were Summer: This one inspired by a local walk by the illustrator and the author.