The Little Yellow Duck




The Little Yellow Duck - Fictional account of a possible situation. Pilots would often have their own ‘lucky charms’ they would fly with or leave with their loved ones.

It’s Only - From an experience of the author.

English Country Cowboy - An observation of people not being where they would like to be, in thought at least.

Aignan 18 - As related. Aignan is a village in The Ger region of France.

Equinox 24 - A 24 hour endurance race held in the grounds of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, UK.

The Machine in The Gym - Isn’t there one in most gyms?

Sometimes - A childhood memory. Whatever happened to her?

The Hill - Windmill Hill in Gravesend, Kent, UK where the author grew up.

Bateman’s - Rudyard Kipling’s home in East Sussex, UK. Now a National Trust property.

A Gathering of the Grey - An evening with possibilities for an enjoyable way of keeping active.

Aspirations - Idle observations and thoughts of wishing things could be better, and not knowing how to help.

Bought in Suffolk - A mesmeric piece of Art purchased by friends.

London - Having visited many great cities around the world, the author still loves this one.

The Poem - The thoughts, possibly, of many would-be poets.